About Sir Steward

Sir Steward is a Candian company specialized in the design and manufacture of automated solutions. We design delivery robots, smart lockers and self-serve kiosks so you can automate your daily processes and help your team daily. Whether in the restaurant or tourism, the industrial, institutional or commercial sector, we can adapt our solutions to meet your needs.
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More than 20 years of innovation at your service

At Sir Steward, we don't take innovation lightly. With more than 20 years of experience developing automated solutions, we can improve your equipment, maximize your efficiency and automate some processes to simplify your daily life.

A devoted team behind Sir Steward

We indeed are here to help you. Over the years, we have helped various businesses across many business sectors, thanks to our automated solutions. We count on a large team of experts, product development specialists, technicians and advisors to design and offer custom devices for your business and work environment.

Our mission

Simplify your daily routine with solutions and autonomous devices that will increase efficiency, automate your processes and increase your profits.

We also strive to make our mobile collaborative robots and other automated solutions accessible and user-friendly.

Our vision & values

Collaboration is at the heart of our automated solutions. They are not designed to replace your team. They are designed to collaborate with them and support their work. By assigning simple, physical or repetitive tasks to a collaborative robot or self-serve solution, you can let your employees concentrate on customer service and other tasks that require more expertise.

Sir Steward, a proud member of the following associations

Manufacturier Mauricie Centre-du-Québec (MMCQ)Association Restauration Québec (ARQ)Carrefour Québec International (CQI)Association Hôtellerie Québec (AHQ)
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