Autonomous delivery robot

The delivery robot is a versatile automated delivery solution that integrates quickly and easily with your environment. Thanks to various possible configurations, this collaborative robot can deliver practically anything that is entrusted to him. He is safe for humans and your environment. He is also equipped with precision sensors that detect immobile or moving people or obstacles. That way, he can modify his trajectory automatically so as not to interfere with working humans.
From Can$47/day
Image of the autonomous delivery robot.

How he works

See him in action while he delivers food to tables in a restaurant.
See him in action as he distributes tools, parts, packages and other items at various work stations.
See him in action as he delivers meals and various articles on different floors in a hotel.

The possibilities of a delivery robot in your business sector

The 3 main benefits of our automated delivery system

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You can continue working while we take care of training your robot

Do you have tight production delays and not enough time to integrate new ways of doing things? No problem. Your collaborative robot is ready to work after 1 to 5 days, depending on the type of robot and the tasks you wish to confide to him.
Black and white icon of a kiosk.

Your robot is compatible with your self-service kiosk

By combining your self-service kiosk with a robot, you have the best possible solution.

Your clients order what they want from a self-service ordering kiosk, tablet or application. The robot goes to get the merchandise at the right place and brings it to the client at the right time. It's simple, quick and efficient.
Icon of the autonomous delivery robot.

You are more efficient without having to take care of him

Your employees walk a great deal in your warehouse to move merchandise and prepare orders. What if the robot took care of it? He is entirely autonomous: no extra sensors, detectors or rails necessary. The robot moves freely and autonomously. He even takes care of recharging his battery!

Features of your delivery robot

The delivery robot is ready to enter an elevator.

Compatibility with elevators

Using your company's Wi-Fi network, your robot can connect to your elevator to get on and off on the right floor with any human intervention.


Photos of the autonomous battery charge Omron used for the delivery robot.

Autonomous battery charging

Because the delivery robot is entirely autonomous, he even takes care of charging his battery by himself without you needing to take care of him.

Charging time

Agile and Skilled models: approximately 4 hours

Sturdy model: approximately 40 minutes

Battery autonomy

Up to 15 hours
Use of the “room service” collaborative delivery robot with the self-closing door.

Custom configuration and accessories

Do you need 3 shelves and 1 storage bin or maybe 4 secure compartments with an automatic door lock for tool distribution? We design the body of your robot to meet your specifications.

Agile model

Can carry up to 90 kg (198 lb)

Skilled model

Can carry up to 250 kg (551 lb)

Sturdy model

Can carry up to 1,500 kg (3,307 lb)
The Sir Steward autonomous robot with cart for the delivery of items.

Autonomous changing type of operations

Depending on the configuration of the autonomous robot you choose, he can change his upper body to perform different tasks on the same day. For example, he could distribute coffee in the morning and in the afternoon, deliver mail, orders, meals, luggage and more.

Support for employees

Room or table service, maintenance assistance, laundry management, etc.

Autonomous delivery

Distribution of packages, products, tools, parts, meals, luggage, coffees, etc.
Images of three autonomous delivery robots in black or white with the Symcod logo.

Customization to match your company's colours

We can customize all our autonomous collaborative robots to your company's colours. They blend perfectly with your environment and your team.
Image of the Omron mobile robot with its logo.


We count on a major global partner for the manufacture of our collaborative mobile robots: Omron. Thanks to their numerous offices located worldwide, we can integrate our automated solutions quickly into your company. Their technology is easy to use and ideal for offering an autonomous robot designed for your needs.
Other features of the autonomous mobile robot
  • Extremely safe for working with humans
  • Equipped with sensors that detect immobile or moving people and obstacles to avoid them
  • No need to add rails or sensors for use
  • Able to displaying advertisements, giving directions and speaking voice messages
  • Black plastic parts made of recycled plastic
Technical specifications of the autonomous mobile robot
  • Battery autonomy: up to 15 hours
  • Charging time:
    • Agile and Skilled models: approximately 4 hours
    • Sturdy model: approximately 40 minutes
  • Maximum speed:
    • Agile model: 1.35 m/s (81 m/min)
    • Skilled model: 1.2 m/s (72 m/min)
    • Sturdy model: 1.8 m/s (108 m/min)
  • Base dimensions:
    • Agile model: 699 mm (27.5 in) long,
      500 mm (19.7 in) wide, 383 mm (15 in) high
    • Skilled model: 963 mm (37.9 in) long,
      718 mm (28.3 in) wide, 383 mm (15 in) high
    • Sturdy model: 1,696 mm (66.8 in) long,
      1,195 mm (47 in) wide, 370 mm (14.6 in) high

Pricing of the delivery robot in your business

Depending on your business sector, we can configure a delivery solution adapted to your needs. For example, your robot could:
  • Do room service and help with maintenance
  • Deliver luggage, packages, meals, tools, parts, samples and more
  • Distribute coffee or mail
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From Can
$ 47 /day
  • Custom configured delivery robot
From Can
$ 55 /day
  • Custom configured delivery robot
  • Compatible with your elevator
From Can
$ 72 /day
  • Custom configured delivery robot
  • Compatible with your elevator
  • Interchangeable robot body and configurations

Nearly unlimited possibilities with our customized automated solutions

Discover an overview of various automated solutions that we can configure to meet your needs. They are all customizable to fit your vision and match your company's colours.
Coffee distributor
Shelf for delivery
Basket for maintenance assistance
Delivery locker
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