UVC disinfection robot

The autonomous UVC disinfection robot named Charlotte will significantly reduce the risks of virus and bacteria propagation in your environment. Charlotte moves entirely by herself and, thanks to the UVC system, can eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria, molds, viruses and more on surfaces. The UVC robot will reduce your cleaning team's workload and lower stress levels caused by this crucial step in fighting the coronavirus or any other virus.
From Can$80/day
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How he works

In an office building, a restaurant and a warehouse
See the UVC robot in action while disinfecting surfaces in an office building, a restaurant and a warehouse.

The possibilities of a UVC disinfection robot in your business sector

The 3 main benefits of our automated UVC disinfection solution

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You protect the health of your team and visitors

The disinfection robot decontaminates your environment from viruses and bacteria with precision. He is entirely devoted to disinfection with regularity without needing your intervention.
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You'll beat the labour shortage

The workforce shortage is a significant challenge in various sectors. By adding the UVC robot to your team, you will have a valuable ally that you can count on to support your team and collaborate with them.
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You are more efficient without having to take care of him

Cleaning and disinfection times have significantly increased in the past few years with new viruses' arrival. By entrusting surface disinfection to the UVC robot, you will maximize your team's time and efforts.

Features of your UVC disinfection robot

The UVC disinfectant robot in an elevator.

Compatibility with elevators

Your disinfection robot can go up and down in your elevator when he is connected to via your Wi-Fi network.


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Autonomous battery charging

The disinfection robot moves himself to his charging station to restore his energy when the battery needs to be recharged.

Charging time

Approximately 4 hours

Battery autonomy

13-15 hours
Disinfectant robot in action in a working cubicle.

Customized UVC dosage system

With the mapping of your environment and precise dosage tests, we can adjust your UVC robot with the ideal dosage to disinfect up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria on surfaces.

UVC system charging time - 85%

2 hours

UVC system charging time - 100%

4 hours

UVC system autonomy

3-4 hours
The Sir Steward collaborative robot customized according to your colours and logo.

Customization to match your company's colours

Our disinfection robot, as well as all our other autonomous robots, can be customized to match your company's colours, which makes them blend perfectly with your environment and your team.
Omron mobile robotic base of the autonomous delivery robot.


To offer you an autonomous UVC disinfection solution, we rely on our partner, Omron. This global company is present in various technology sectors and also manufactures high‑quality electronic components. Thanks to their user-friendly technology, we can integrate a disinfection system into your environment quickly and easily.
Other features of the UVC disinfection robot
  • Extremely safe for work with humans
  • Equipped with 360-degree sensors that detect obstacles and people, for the safety of all
  • No need to add rails or sensors for use
  • UVC indication level and adapted dosage
  • Customized daily mapping for disinfection routes
  • Independent UVC lights on each side
Technical specifications of the UVC disinfection robot
  • Base battery autonomy:
    up to 15 hours
  • UVC system charging time:
    2 hours to 85% / 4 hours to 100%
  • Average disinfection time:
    < 5 minutes per room
  • UV wavelength:
    254 nm
  • UVC system battery autonomy:
    3-4 hours
  • Maximum speed:
    1.35 m/s (81 m/min)
  • Weight:
    between 128.4 kg and 153.8 kg (between 283 lb and 339 lb)
  • Dimensions:
    560 mm (22 in) wide x 700 mm (27.6 in) long
    x 1,870 mm (73.6 in) high

Pricing of the disinfection robot in your business

The Sir Steward autonomous UVC disinfection solution is perfect for all business sectors. He allows you to eliminate up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria of surfaces in:
  • Offices, waiting rooms, residential buildings
  • Factories, warehouses, distribution centres
  • Restaurants, hotels, arenas, training centres
  • Hospitals, senior residences, schools
  • Retail stores, grocery stores, shopping centres
  • Etc.
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From Can
$ 80 /day
  • UVC disinfection robot
From Can
$ 88 /day
  • UVC disinfection robot
  • Elevator compatibility

Nearly unlimited possibilities with our customized automated solutions

Discover more about our various automated solutions that we can customize to meet your needs. Everything can be personalized to match your vision and your company's colours.
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