Self-service ordering kiosk

The self-service ordering kiosk is an automated station that simplifies client purchases while maximizing their experience. He also allows you to centralize your information to improve your efficiency. The self-service kiosk can take whatever form you desire to blend with your environment. We can adapt and configure it according to your needs in collaboration with our software partners.
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White self-serving ordering kiosk.

How he works

In a restaurant
See him in action and watch as he simplifies meal ordering, payment and meal preparation.

The possibilities of a self-service ordering kiosk in your business sector

The 3 main benefits of our self-service system

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You provide the best user experience to your customers

On a self-service kiosk, your clients have all the options they want in front of them. They can order, get directions, view a map, pay and much more! With our software partners, we can configure your automated kiosk with all the functions you want.
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You are more efficient: you serve more in less time

A self-service ordering kiosk shows that you respect your clients' time: reduced queues, faster service and online ordering may convince the busiest of humans to do business with your company. Thus, you improve efficiency and increase profits.
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You reduce errors and increase the average bill per client

By offering clients all possible options on a self-service ordering kiosk, they will tend to add extras to their order. You are also reducing the risk of errors due to misunderstanding because your clients themselves choose from all the available possibilities.

Features of your self-service ordering kiosk

Photo of self-service ordering kiosk and cash register touch screen.

Internet connection

The self-service ordering kiosk connects easily to your Internet with a network cable or via the Wi-Fi network.


Network or Wi-Fi
Employee who prepares their order on the self-service ordering kiosk.

Custom configuration

We can configure and make your self-service ordering kiosk compatible with various operating systems in collaboration with our software experts. Contact us to discuss your project.

Operating systems

Android, iOS, Linux, Windows
ATM with self-serving ordering kiosk.

Customization to match your company's colours

All our self-service kiosks and automated ordering systems can be customized, so they blend perfectly with your environment. We can also personalize them with your company's colours.
Other features of the self-service ordering kiosk
  • Easy to use
  • Can be integrated with your management software
  • Suppliers can all be combined into one system
  • Multi-location synchronization available
  • Black plastic parts made of recycled plastic
Technical specifications of the self-service ordering kiosk
  • Two 27-inch touch screens
  • Android, iOS, Linux or Windows operating system
  • Dimensions:
    • 762 mm (30 in) wide
    • 346 mm (13.6 in) deep
    • 1,981 mm (78 in) high

Pricing of the self-service ordering kiosk in your business

We can create a self-service ordering kiosk and configure him to meet your needs in collaboration with our software partners. For example, your self-service kiosk could:

  • Allow you to better plan your production, track your orders and deliveries in real-time in your factory
  • Guide your visitors in a hospital, theme park, shopping centre or office building
  • Manage waiting queues in a financial institution or amusement park
  • Act as an automated cashier in a store or grocery store
  • Serve as self-service ordering kiosk in a parking lot, restaurant, hotel, water park, grocery store or store
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$ 3.50 /day
  • Self-service kiosk

Nearly unlimited possibilities with our customized automated solutions

Discover an overview of the various possibilities our self-service ordering kiosk can offer. He can even be customized to match your company's colours.
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