Smart locker for reception and delivery

With the smart locker, you will benefit from a safe shipping and receiving solution, no matter your business sector. He is perfect for the safe shipping and receiving of medication, mail management, tool storage and assignment, meal delivery, distribution of online orders, takeout and much more. Discover the numerous possibilities this automated management solution offers to simplify your daily operations.
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Rows of Sir Steward’s smart lockers for reception and delivery.

How he works

In a pharmacy
Simplify your operations from receiving prescriptions to dispensing them to patients.

The possibilities of a smart locker in your business sector

The 3 main benefits of our smart locker solution

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Your smart locker is ready to use quickly

According to the configurations you choose for your shipping and receiving locker, we can install it and make it functional in as little as one hour. It can be plugged into a standard outlet and connected to your Internet via network cable or Wi-Fi.
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Your items are accessible only to authorized users

Medication, packages, mail, meals, tools or other items can be secured inside the smart locker. Only authorized users can open it with an electronic code, RFID chip, magnetic card, bar code or QR code.
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You simplify the shipping and receiving of numerous items

As soon as the item is placed in the smart locker, the recipient receives a notification by SMS, email or phone call to inform him that he can pick up his item in the smart locker.

Features of your smart locker

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Internet connection

The smart locker connects to your Internet network via network cable or Wi-Fi.


Network cable or Wi-Fi
How to lock the case on the touch screen with a 6-digit code.

Lockers opening system

Only the user destined to receive locker contents can unlock it. Various opening system options are available.

Unlocking operation

Electronic code, RFID chip, magnetic card, QR code, bar code

Custom configurations

Depending on the compartment dimensions you require, we configure shipping and receiving smart lockers adapted to your needs. Contact us to discuss your project and to see the different options available.

Included in each locker

257 mm (10.1 in) all‑in‑one touch screen

Total dimensions of a locker

768 mm (30.25 in) wide x 425 mm (16.75 in) deep x 1828 mm (72 in) high

Number of possible compartments per locker

26 compartments (possibility of more or less according to your needs and your dimensions)
The Sir Steward smart locker available in black, white and blue.

Customization to match your company's colours

Our smart lockers can be customized to your company's colours to blend perfectly with your decor.
Other features of the smart locker
  • Reports sent by SMS, email or phone call
  • Plugs into a standard electrical outlet
  • Connection with network cable or Wi-Fi
  • Possibility of interaction with your management software
  • Safe unlocking by authorized users
  • Black plastic parts made from recycled plastic
Technical specifications of the smart locker
  • Total dimensions of a locker:
    • 768 mm (30.25 in) wide x 425 mm (16.75 in) deep x 1435 mm (56.5 in) high
  • Number and dimensions of the compartments of a locker:
    • 2 compartments of 152 mm (6 in) wide x 330 mm (13 in) deep x 305 mm (12 in) high
    • 24 compartments of 152 mm (6 in) wide x 330 mm (13 in) deep x 152 mm (6 in) high
  • 257 mm (10.1 in) all‑in‑one touch screen

Pricing of the smart locker in your business

Depending on your business sector, we can configure a shipping and receiving solution adapted to your needs. Your smart locker can:
  • Manage the borrowing of tools and materials in a warehouse, workshop, factory or school
  • Manage takeout and online orders in a restaurant, hotel or retail store
  • Serve as autonomous cloakroom in a casino or airport
  • Manage the delivery of parcels and mail in a warehouse, factory, school, office or hotel
  • Manage safe medication retrieval and delivery in a drug store or hospital
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$ 7.30 /day
  • Smart locker

Nearly unlimited possibilities with our customized automated solutions

Discover an overview of our most popular smart locker. It is also customizable in the number of compartments and dimensions according to your needs. We can also customize it to match your company's colours.
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