Self-service solutions and automated deliveries

No matter the business you operate, we have a self-service solution or a collaborative robot ready to help you and improve your daily life. We can configure a delivery robot adapted to your business needs, offer an entirely automated smart delivery solution or even create a self-service kiosk to improve clients' experience and simplify ordering and payment methods.
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Sir Steward automated solution possibilities for your business

Smart locker

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The smart locker is ideal to limit physical contact that could increase the risks of virus spread. As soon as you place a prescription in the locker, your client will receive an email, SMS, or phone call informing the medication can be picked up. This eliminates a waiting line to pick up the prescription. And because each locker opens with a code, access card or RFID chip, only your client will be able to open it.

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Your clients place orders online via your website. As soon as an order is ready and placed in the smart locker, your client will receive an email or SMS to indicate that the order is ready for in-store pick-up. They are the only ones able to access the items, thanks to the unique electronic code they received.
Do your employees often receive confidential mails with sensitive information? With the smart locker, no more confidentiality worries. Each employee can have his locker accessible with an electronic code that only he knows. Your employees can also receive a notification when a letter or package is placed in their locker.
Smart locker

Delivery robot

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What if a client needs a product from the warehouse? The delivery robot can handle it. He will get the item the client wants by himself and bring it directly to the checkout.
The delivery robot offers an automated mail delivery solution that he can do by himself, including packages and letters, to the right people in the right places. He can even guide your clients throughout your shopping centre and giving directions or announcing current promotions.
The day starts well with a good cup of coffee! The autonomous mobile robot will handle it and will make the rounds to offer employees one. We can even install a touch screen order tablet on your robot, so your employees choose the coffee size they want.
Delivery robot

Self-service ordering kiosk

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No one likes to wait long minutes in a queue. Using our self-service solution with third-party software as a self-service checkout, you can open as many checkouts as you want on a one-time basis when there is an unexpected peak time. Your customers go through the checkout faster, make their transactions themselves and enjoy a better shopping experience.
Simplify and improve the customer experience in your shopping centre. Our self-service solution with third-party software is used to show stores according to client interests, serve as an information kiosk, a payment station and much more! The self-service kiosk can also display advertisements, give verbal commands and explain the fastest route to a particular store.
With the self-service order kiosk with third-party software, you simplify client purchases and simplify their life. Your clients have all the options before their eyes. If you have a furniture store and they want to know which chairs will fit best with their new table, simply show them on your tablet.
Self-service ordering kiosk
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