Autonomous robotic solutions for restaurants, hotel and tourism

With our automated and self-service solutions, we can simplify your daily operations. We have different collaborative robots who are ready to accomplish their given tasks. They can take the form of a waiter robot, a robot butler, a room service robot, a bar robot, a disinfection robot and more. We also have various configurations of self-service ordering kiosks adapted to your business.
Preparation of a plate to be served in a restaurant.

Sir Steward automated solutions possibilities for your business

Smart locker

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With the smart locker, your clients will no longer have to wait in line to pick up an order placed online or by phone. When the order is placed in the locker, your client receives an email, SMS or phone call to inform him that the order is ready to be picked up. When the client arrives, they only need to enter their unique electronic code to unlock the locker where the order is to pick it up. It's simple, quick and efficient!
A client in your hotel places an order for delivery from a neighbourhood restaurant. When the meal is placed in the smart locker, your client receives a call, SMS or email saying that the order has arrived. Because the locker is protected with an electronic code, only your client may open it at the desired time.
To improve your clients' experience, offer them an automated cloakroom where they can place their coats in a smart locker. They will be the only ones who can open the locker with an electronic code or RFID chip that you may offer them. That way, they can fully enjoy their evening and pick up their coat anytime without having to wait in line at the cloakroom.
No travellers enjoy bringing their winter jackets in their suitcases when they head to a warm country on vacation. With the smart locker, travellers can leave their jackets during their trips. They can pick it up quickly by unlocking their locker with their unique electronic code that you will give them at their departure.
Smart locker

Delivery robot

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While your clients have fun at the tables, a waiter robot will pass by offering coffee, so they don't miss a second of actions. The robot can also announce upcoming shows or tell about current promotions at the casino restaurants.
The food service robot configured as an automated table service solution can bring orders to clients while your human waiters concentrate on customer service.
Does your client need a pen, an extra pillow or a few more towels? The delivery robot can bring them as soon as the request is made or at the time your client desires. He can also bring bed linen to the laundry room while your employees clean the rooms or even bring food to the rooms.
Delivery robot

Self-service ordering kiosk

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With the self-service ordering kiosk, you can speed up order placing and reduce queue times. Your clients can review the menu, order what they want by themselves with the touch screen, and pay immediately in the restaurant or drive-thru.
Maybe your client wants to order room service or needs additional towels? Nothing could be simpler. They just order on the self-service tablet available in their room. An employee or an autonomous robot can bring the delivery to the rooms, so your clients get what they want when they want it.
On hot summer days, your water park is full to the brim. Maximize your guests' time and improve their experience by installing self-service information kiosks in various locations. By configuring your kiosk with our software collaborators, your visitors can view the park map, get an easy itinerary for their next activity and even pay for parking. The kiosk can even announce current promotions and voice messages as well.
Self-service ordering kiosk
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