Smart locker for medication dispensing in pharmacies

Simplify the delivery and distribution of medications and prescriptions in your pharmacy and serve more patients with the same number of employees thanks to smart lockers with electronic codes. We have designed and built an automated solution. This one allows you to efficiently and securely manage medications and prescriptions for your patients.
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Smart locker to simplify drug distribution in a pharmacy

4 simple steps to safely and confidentially dispense prescriptions in the pharmacy

Our smart lockers simplify your medication management from your lab to your patients. It's a simple system that also allows you to gain efficiency and avoid data entry errors.
Icon representing the preparation of prescriptions and the planning of their delivery.

Step 1:
Prepare and plan

You receive your patient's prescription and prepare it as usual. You then schedule the delivery (pharmacy locker, directly to the patient's home, to a senior's residence).
Icon representing the sending of a notification so that the patient is alerted that his prescription is ready to be picked up

Step 2:
Deposit and notify

You place your patient's prescription into the secure smart locker. He/she receives a notification with a unique electronic code to inform him/her that they can pick up his/her order.
Icon representing a patient retrieving his prescription in the pharmacy in a smart locker

Step 3:
Pick up

Your patient arrives at the pharmacy and goes directly to the locker without having to wait at your prescription counter. He/she unlocks the locker with the unique electronic code he/she received and picks up his/her prescription.
Icon representing the restart of the dispensing prescription process in a pharmacy in a smart locker

Step 4:
Start over

The locker is free and available for you to drop off another patient’s prescription, which can be retrieved with their unique electronic code.
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Benefits of smart lockers for your pharmacy

Diagram showing improved income for a pharmacy when using smart lockers

Improved income

Get additional income and maximize your medication delivery service by installing smart lockers in senior residences, office buildings or factories. You will be able to reach new customers where they are.
Diagram of the increased efficiency of pharmacy staff using a smart locker and Mobilus software

Increased efficiency of laboratory staff

In your pharmacy, Sir Steward's smart locker allow your laboratory staff to focus on preparing prescriptions, increasing their production capacity, speeding up and simplifying medication distribution to patients. This means you can serve more patients with the same number of employees and provide superior customer service.
Diagram of the traceability of drugs in the computerized system of Mobilus

Allow your customer to pick up their order 24/7

Allow your customers to pick up their orders at a time that suits them, without extending your opening hours with your employees. Stand out from your competition by offering 24/7 service.
Diagram of how smart lockers can reduce pharmacy queues

Reduce queue in the pharmacy

As soon as you drop off a patient's prescription in a locker, the patient receives a notification by email, phone call or SMS. This notification informs him/her that he/she can come to the pharmacy to pick up his/her prescription. He/she can then pick up his/her prescription at his/her convenience without having to wait in line at your prescription counter.
Diagram of confidential prescription delivery using unique electronic codes in smart lockers

Secure delivery and distribution

The content of each locker remains confidential at all times. Once you place the prescription in a locker, your patient receives a notification by email, SMS or phone call with a unique electronic code indicating that he/she can pick it up at the pharmacy. Only him/her can open the locker. A new electronic code is generated automatically for each new patient and new prescription in the locker.
Diagram of secure prescription delivery with smart lockers

Increased compliance with sanitary measures

Since there are fewer intermediaries between receiving the prescription and delivering it to your patient, you reduce the risk of spreading viruses by limiting physical contact.
Sir Steward smart locker made for safe distribution of prescriptions in pharmacy

Key features of the locker for your pharmacy

Easy connection
Plugs into a standard electrical outlet
Quick Internet connection
Works with your cable Internet network or Wi-Fi network
Safe unlocking system
Only the user for whom the content is intended can open the locker
Custom configuration
26 compartments per locker with the possibility of more or less according to your needs
Neat and clean look in your pharmacy
Customization with your desired colours available
Eco-friendly construction
Plastic parts made of recycled plastic
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Your questions, our solutions

Who can open a locker?
Only the person for whom the prescription is intended can open the locker where it is placed with its unique electronic code. Once your patient has retrieved their prescription, the locker is free again to place a prescription for another patient.
Is the smart locker quick and easy to install?
Yes. We can install it almost anywhere in your pharmacy to simplify the medication delivery to your patients in less than an hour. All we need is a standard electrical outlet, access to your wired Internet or Wi-Fi network.
I have limited space. Do smart lockers take up a lot of space?
We can custom design smart lockers for your space and needs. We also have standard size lockers.
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